Students have the ability to be successful independent of the university. However, institutions create conditions that either foster or constrain success (Pitcher, Camacho, Renn, and Woodford, 2016). The vision and plan of the Cultural and Resource Centers focus on developing the talents of scholars, fostering conditions that support achievement, and reducing institutional barriers. It addresses the success and retention of scholars in marginalized communities, by detailing cutting-edge paradigm shifts to make the University of Arizona a model of inclusive excellence in service to its scholars. The imperative for this work is not just about the future of higher education and UA, it is about leading the way toward a society that taps into the talents, wisdom, and strengths that all individuals and communities possess to solve our greatest problems.

We appreciate collaborations with campus and community partners. We seek to develop authentic partnerships for real solutions. To help with the number of requests and inquiries we receive across the Centers, we developed the request form located at the top of the page. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your support of the Cultural and Resource Centers.